If I get a chance to be a leader or a follower, what would I be and why?

When it comes to choosing anyone from the two options, our brain starts to charge up our conscience with absolute sensible reasons to help us choose the appropriate one. In this context, between being a leader and being a follower, I will choose to be a leader. I will further articulate my decision with accurate justification.

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

A leader is not someone who leads everyone by claiming supremacy over other’s actions and opinions, rather, a true leader is someone who paves his/her own way and makes it little easier for the peers to achieve something in a more strategical and in an organized way so that no one loses their path again. If I had to be a leader, my foremost aim would have been to motivate people and to gain motivation from the same people. No matter how great a person becomes, he/she can never know enough to stop learning, so, I would become a leader to strive to quench my insatiable urge to learn about new things alongside, conveying my knowledge to my followers and peers who have an irresistible urge of solving the mysteries of this world.

I will become a leader to guide people with a compassionate soul and not with judgmental opinion so that everyone feels comfortable to untie the knots of their own problems.

I want to be a leader to strengthen the pillars of this society by inflicting values and proper ethics in the mind of people so that they believe in their own potentialities to acquire something they dream of without having to be solely dependent on any other figure for their progress. This world needs changes and a change can only be brought when someone is valiant enough to subtly disturb the order of rigid stereotypical structures for beneficial purposes and to take that leap of risk, I as a leader will bring about positive and influential changes in the places with the most conventional concepts by infusing my followers with confidence and courage.

Nothing has ever been easy, neither anything has ever been impossible to achieve I as a leader will make people believe in their strength and the basic purposes of life.
Also, every leader was once a follower, so why can’t every follower be a leader someday?
A leader never stops following his/her role model, so, even if I become a leader, I will always continue to be a humble follower by heart.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
-John Quincy Adams

The fear of judgement.

Don’t pass judgement on others or you might be judged yourself ”

Brian Cohen

Have you ever been bombarded with unwanted comments such as-

• “You are too thick to wear that dress!” •You are such a melodramatic person!” •”You are such a crybaby!” •”You overreact so much!”. •”Don’t post pictures like that!” •”You are too thin” •”You laugh so much” All these and many other things. You know what? Do Hell with it! Look straight into their eyes with sparkles in your eyes and just say “I AM WHAT I AM AND AM UNAPOLOGETICALLY MYSELF!” Then see how things would change within a blink of your eyes. .

We are so worked up with our relentless efforts of living up to the expectations of others. We are too burdened with the opinions and judgements of others that whenever we think of taking a step forward, those judgemental voices start echoing in the back of our mind and we stop.

People are suffocating us with their unwanted words, at times we start gasping for breath whenever we think about doing something for our own happiness, or we just simply forgot what makes us happy.
We can’t even cry or react in our own way or else they are going to stick the tagline of a wretched and a pathetic person, on us. .

Everytime ideas come to your mind, you work on that, you are enthusiastic to execute that plan but before taking the final step you stop in your tracks as your mind unwillingly harks back to the time when you did something and people mercilessly threw their negative judgments on you and you were smashed under their heavy negativity.You are so scared to behave in a certain way because the thought of how people will percieve you, makes you absolutely sick. And it’s like we all are trapped in some kind of insignificant obligations.

This your life, your time, you have to seize it, if by any chance you fail or run out of breath, they will just stand over your corpse and celebrate, but if you keep moving and win, they will be embarrassed and will fall into dust. Let them judge you, a time will come when they will be judged by you.

So repeat after me:




Knowingly or unknowingly a person does a lot of things which results in the drop of energy in their body, consequently, they are unable to do any heavy cardiovascular exercises for a longer period of time and will inevitably experience fatigue, exhaustion even on the little execution of tasks and feels drowsy throughout the day. The person will lose all the interest to actively participate in any important work due to sleepiness and tiredness.

If you are such a person who feels tired even after doing simple daily activities, unwillingly gets frustrated even at the slightest inconvenience at work or at the personal life and feels breathlessness even after walking for few minutes or after doing light chores, your level of energy and stamina is low.

But no worries you can start taking measures to boost your energy and stamina level now because better late than never.


1. Keep yourself hydrated.

Dehydration causes fatigue and nausea, and dehydration is caused due to lack of required fluid in the body. To maintain the balance of fluid in your body drink a glass of water every few hours. A person should drink 3-4 liters of water per day. Also having the juice of Banana, Apple, Orange, and other fruits.

2. Consume magnesium and carbohydrate rich diet.

Consumption of magnesium-rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, cashews, soya beans, almonds and so on, accelerate your stamina and energy by breaking down glucose into energy and carbohydrates rich foods such as dark chocolate, yogurt, cereals, starchy vegetables and so on, helps to energize your body by infusing starch and sugar in it. Also, protein and vitamin-c rich foods also help increase energy.

3. Work-out on a regular basis.

Exercise makes your muscle stronger and helps you increase your strength by accelerating the resistance of your body. Physical fitness helps to increase cardiovascular health and boosts your breathing capacity, it is also effective for those who have asthma. Physical exercises release endorphins which is an important factor to energize your body as well as mind.

Get yourself indulged in exercises like-

Walking, jogging, swimming, or running. Joining mind freshening and entertaining exercises like a dance class, Zumba, or yoga classes.

4. Eat on a regular basis.

Start your day with a mandatory breakfast because it helps maintain the sugar level in your blood which is usually low when you wake up, also, a healthy breakfast provides proper nutrients to your body to start functioning for the day.

Your brain demands a constant supply of proper nutrients so it is advisable to have light food or snacks every two hours. Research suggests including foods having a low gluconic index in your diet which helps in fast absorption of sugar, boosts your energy. For example foods having a high level of fiber such as nuts, grains, etc.

5. Try to reduce stress.

One of the main reasons to feel stressed is overwork or worrying too much about something. Emotional turbulence related to stress decrease your energy. Try to lighten up your mind by doing yoga or meditation or by conversing with a person you feel comfortable with.

6. Get a proper sleep

Scientifically it is mandatory to have at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day. A proper sleep calms your nerve and makes you more energetic after you wake up. Your mind is just like your phone if you keep working for hours without giving it any rest it will start lagging, the same goes for your mind as well.

Sleeping or lying down immediately after having food results in fat accumulation in your body. Take a short walk or sit with your back straight at least for half an hour. It will help in better digestion as well or you can meditate before dozing off, it will reduce your stress and anxiety and will give you a peaceful sleep.

7. Usage of caffeine charges you up

If used in a judicious way caffeine boosts the rate of metabolism and fat oxidations, it is also believed to have increased the awareness in people. Required intake of caffeine releases catecholamines through the sympathetic nervous system which is responsible for your muscles to receive more blood due to increased heartbeat and consequently sugar is infused into the bloodstream to get more energy. Caffeine like some dark chocolates and a cup of coffee is enough to boost your mood and energy in the short run. But consumption excessive coffee can have negative impacts on your health too.


These are some ways by which you can charge yourself up every time you feel low. Make sure you do not overwork and exhaust your energy in unnecessary things.

Remember: “Health is wealth.”


Are you looking for ways to grow your Instagram followers and putting efforts to increase the reach of your posts? Are you frustrated with losing more followers on a daily basis than gaining it? Continue reading this article to detangle all the mess of confusion you are facing to grow your Instagram account.

Everything has its own way of organic growth, everything has certain strategies following which anyone can achieve their targeted goals. Instagram too is no different, it is one of the best platforms to publicize your content and to grow your business with a llittle planning along with some brainstorming ideas to decorate your feed to attract your clients.

No matter whether you are a marketer or an entrepreneur or a content writer or a blogger or a creative writer, all you are looking for are effective ways to build your Instagram family and to have a hike in the graph of reach of your posts.

Instagram is the most appropriate platform to make your business grow and to promote your ideas by giving it exposure to a wider range of audience because Instagram receives near about 1billion new users per month, from across the world. Which opens an infinite range of opportunities for the digital creators to meet their ideal clients and increase engagement with their ideal audience as well.

Instagram is a mishmash of various networks, you just need a little patience to get hold of the right string by pulling which the pace of your progress will be increased and enhanced.


1)Put An Attractive Username.

Your name is your identity and by making your username simple yet profound and related to your niche, you will appear on the search results of the people searching for the topics that you deal with and it will make your account more visible to your target audience.

2)Give Simple And Precise Bio.

Do You remember how everyone believes in the phrase “The first impression is the last impression”? That’s how your Instagram bio works as well. You need to add keyword reach information in your bio which will give a vivid idea of what your profile is actually about. This will consequently attract your ideal followers who will have a look at your profile to check if they can benefit from your account in any way or not and your ideal audience will stay.

3)Create Engaging Contents.

Your contents are the first things that are going to catch the attention of your ideal audience and will urge them to follow you for getting more similar updates from you in the coming days. Your content will increase the engagement with your community when they will find it relatable and useful, as a result of which they are more likely to share it with other people too which will increase the reach of your profile.

4)Use Proper Hashtags.

Having proper knowledge of using appropriate hashtags is the most significant step to reach out to your target audience. All your hashtags should be niche specific. Instagram allows you to use 30hashstags, make sure your combinations of hashtags include the hashtags with the highest reach as well as hashtags with average reach to make your content visible to a large number of people.

5)Increase Engagement With Your Community:-

It’s mandatory to have a strategic and regular engagement with your community, or else the growth of your account will be stagnated. To increase engagement with your ideal clients, customers, and readers, you need to maintain a communication by appreciating their posts as well as by proposing them to promote each other’s profile, and try to connect with them by approaching and introducing them to your content in a very polite and tactical way.

6)Maintain The Consistency.

Consistency is another most important key to increase your followers and to keep them engaged with your posts on a regular basis. Posting your content consistently by proper planning will fetch you both qualitative and quantitative followers, who will add more value to your content. Your consistency will help you meet the expectations of your genuine followers who add real worth to your page.

These are some strategies that you can obey to woo your target followers to follow your page. Start following these tactics even if you are starting your Instagram profile from scratch. With a lot of patience and consistency, you can also excel in your niche too.

Remember that every expert was a beginner and if you are a beginner today, you will definitely be an expert tomorrow. So, keep trying until you achieve what you dream of.


Coming into a relationship is one of the toughest decisions of life to make because either it can turn you into a little happier and a better person or it can make your conditions so worst that you will end up sobbing every night silently, which is mentally devastating. The relationship you are choosing to come into, can either heal your broken heart or can harm your broken heart causing it to further break into pieces. Relationships are very subtle which gives you warmth of home to your nomadic soul if chosen correctly.

People think and overthink a lot about the worst consequences before and after coming into a relationship. Even if they are proposed by the person they love the most, the fear of uncertainty and possibilities of heartbreak in the near future, don’t loosen the grip on their mind.

You might have gone through a toxic relationship in your past and that fear of falling into the trap of a wrong person again has not left you yet. Or you might be the person who is coming into a relationship for the first time and you are paranoid by all the descriptions of relationships you have come across to date, I absolutely understand both of your concerns because I had been there in your shoes too when I debated with my own thoughts regarding the genuineness of the person with whom I was coming into a relationship, I surfed through sites after sites to know whether I had chosen a right person or not. I have learned numerous lessons over the years and we all learn lessons in our own ways.

So, give your restless thoughts some rest because here are the ways in which you can recognize if you are in the right relationship.


1) Never hide the relationship.

A true partner will be proud to have you and will never hesitate to introduce you to his/her family and friends. Your partner will not be embarrassed to be seen with you in public and will definitely not jerk your hand away seeing his/her friend approaching you people in public. Because come on! When someone is really serious about you and wants to spend their life with you what’s is the purpose of keeping your relationship secret, unless it’s a matter of strict and serious family concerns?

2) Always help you grow.

You partner will always inspire you to grow and will push you beyond your limits to give your best in everything you do and will always motivate you to achieve what you have always wanted. Your partner will stand as your biggest strength everytime you fall weak..

3) Believe in you and your dreams.

Your partner will always have faith in you and your dreams no matter how small they are and will constantly make you believe that you are capable enough to achieve everything you want because he/she ardently believes in your potentialities and will celebrate your success like their own success.

4) Never judge you.

The person who loves you will never judge you, your actions, or your reactions no matter what the situation is because he/she will understand you even at your worst. Make sure your partner is someone who justifies your actions and reactions and politely corrects you when you are wrong, instead of blatantly judging with irrelevant tags all the time.

5) Pay attention to your problems and talks.

Whenever you will have something to share, your partner will listen to you attentively by keeping aside all his/her work. When you will share your problems your partner will never ask you to brief it because he/she doesn’t have enough time to listen to what you have to say or share, instead he/she will sit with you, will lend you ears wholeheartedly until the burden from your chest is lifted.

6) Comfort you during your emotional outbursts.

Whenever you will have sudden emotional outbursts your partner will always comfort you with his/her words, instead of belittling your sufferings, he/she will suffer along with you to make sure you don’t suffer alone. When you get frustrated or angry or crying in pain, your partner will deal with it patiently instead of leaving you in your condition to deal with it alone.

7) Never compare you with others.

The person who loves you will accept you the way you are and will always be proud of who you are. He/she will neither make fun of your looks or behavior in front of anyone or behind your back nor compare you with someone who, in his/her eyes, is better than you. Your partner will always put efforts to turn you into a better person by appreciating your values all along.

8) Respect your own space.

You need to invest some time on yourself too in order to build up your own strength. You have your own interests, own friends to spend time with and your partner needs to respect that space. Instead of bombarding you with texts and calls when you are spending quality time with yourself or your friends, they will patiently with the utmost understanding, wait for you to contact him/her again. Although, no matter how busy you are you should not forget to drop a text saying you are fit and fine and will contact him/her soon.

9) Always be honest.

“Honesty is the best policy?”, well yes! When it comes to relationships honesty is the best policy. Your partner should always be honest with you even if he/she does something unintentionally hurtful to you, and you should be understanding enough to forgive them when your partner is genuinely regretfully apologetic to you. He/she should never lie to you about anything.

10. Compliment and validate you.

Frequent validations and appreciations strengthen the relationship because that’s when you realize how important you are to someone and how much he/she values you in his/her life. Your partner will always be grateful to have you in his/her life and will not wait for any special occasion to make you feel better with validations because your partner knows that you deserve to feel the best and happiest ever day and your little efforts will make their day.

There are many ways in which you can know if you are in a right relationship but the best way to know is by your own experiences. No one can guarantee that you won’t get your heart broken tomorrow by the person you came into relationship with but all you can know is that today your partner is not leaving.

Also, if you could relate everything with your partner while reading those ways listed above then ‘Congratulations!’ You are already on a right path.


Are you a Social Media bug and like to keep yourself up to date with all the new trends and gossips? If you are someone who has traveled miles with your thumb by endlessly scrolling down the news feed of your social media platforms, let me make you aware of all the pros and cons of social media’s influence on you and on Netizens like you.

Influences of social media encompass every possible field including the daily lifestyle, relationships, education, and a person’s happiness too, as it becomes interrelated to its connections and their connections. Social media is a network of people with different mindsets, and these mindsets are significant in determining whether to get carried away with the negativity or to focus on self-improvement with the positivity.

*What does the word ‘NETIZEN’ mean?

To explain in simple terms for those who are not well acquainted with the word ‘Netizen‘, this word refers to those who are habitual users of the internet and this word has come into being by merging the two-parent words ‘Internet’ and ‘Citizens’. So yes, you and I are both Netizens.

These Netizens can be categorized into two groups:

1) People who extensively explore the opportunities and other useful resources to add value to their existing knowledge and to enhance their progress in life.

2) People who resort to social media and other sources of online communications to escape from their daily boredom and to get away from the grasp of loneliness.

Everyone seeks rescue from the everyday monotony of life and that is when social media comes in front of the line with an alluring offer to add spices in their lives. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whats app, Twitter, and many other newly invented communication-based mobile applications, are ruling the minds of the users in both negative and positive ways. Every day these social media platforms get billions of users altogether, and it’s statistically proven that the users of Facebook alone cover 35℅ to 40% of the world population. The growth of digital media is unbelievable and its invasion in the lives of people is unstoppable.

Social media has become one of the necessities for our existence in this world and it’s inevitably creating a place into our daily habits. People use it for innumerable reasons for research, learning, gaining knowledge, befriending strangers, making new relationships, marketing, advertising, and the list goes on. But, to be honest, social media is not always used for beneficial purposes and it has several severe negative impacts on mental health and relationships too.
So, without any further ado, on the basis of the two categories of Netizens I stated above, let’s dive straight into the advantages and disadvantages of social media.


1) Dynamic Communications.

Social media is the most convenient platform to use for sharpening one’s communication skills. People can befriend strangers with the same interest and values and can form a community of like people. Also, through social media one can contact their friends and relatives anytime they want, irrespective of their physical distance. It helps to maintain a dynamic flow of communication.

People are so far from each other, yet so close!”

2) Employment Opportunities.

Social media provides numerous employment opportunities for those who can seize the chances. There are many companies in Facebook and Instagram who are looking for interns for content writing, digital marketing, graphics designing, etcetera, which one can explore and excel in according to their preferred niche. Also, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram recruits potential and dedicated workers on many occasions.

What is sought for can be caught, what is neglected slips away.”

3) Free expression of thoughts and opinions.

Social media provides you a platform to showcase different creativities, thoughts, and opinions because there is connected with the right people there will be an audience for everything. People can take initiative to join online forums for discussions on matters covering a wide range of subjects, people can participate in debates and several other competitions to enhance their own skills.

Put your heart into your performance, there will be a crowd of the audience when you will look forward again.”

4) Increased marketing and advertising avenues.

Social media is the best when someone wants to grow their business or wants to get potential customers to sale their products or services by strategically planning the campaign and the circulation of their advertisement in an appropriate way by targeting to reach their ideal audience.

Strategical planning is the key to unlock even the hardest of problems.”

5) Better opportunities to learn and educate oneself.

Social media offers a wider range of prospects to learn even outside the confinement of four walls of a classroom because the news feed of social media brings the world on one’s fingertips. There are many educational, personality development groups available in social media, which makes learning interesting.

“Everything seems interesting when it’s taught and learnt in an interesting way!”

Everything has pros and cons after getting along with the positive influences of social media, let’s move on to the negative influences of social media.


1) Disrupted disciplines and routines.

Social media becomes a problem when it becomes an addiction more than a habit and consequently, people are drawn towards the applications instinctively. Students prioritize checking up on the updates of social media more than focussing on their studies, sometimes people are left with delayed and pending works because they spent more unnecessary time on social media than concentrating on their deadlines for the completion of their projects or works.

2) Detrimental to mental health.

Excessive use of social media deteriorates mental health. The trends and communication in social media often trigger worries, sleeplessness which can also extend to severe issues like anxiety, depression, and insomnia. The very common issue that the Netizens suffer from is FOMO which is the Fear Of Missing Out, often people start nurturing the insecurities in the heart of not belonging anywhere. These issues lead to pernicious consequences.

3) Victim of Cyberbullying.

According to the reports, over 800,000 cases of cyberbullying have been reported to date. People in social media create a fake account to use inflammatory and obscene languages, unethical comments are being addressed to pictures of both men and women, many pictures are illegally morphed to manipulate and dominate. When someone is pelted with false allegations and defamations, that person is left behind with an emotional wound.

4) Harms real-life relationships.

Due to increased usage of social media and online texting, face-to-face emotional connectivity is coming to a halt. Consequently, the relationships outside of online networks are weakening and falling apart because every relationship demands time and expression of affection and care. When people are more absorbed in fidgeting with the new posts and replying back to the texts online, they tend to forget that face-to-face interaction and communication is much more important to strengthen relationships which physically surrounds them.

5) Inauthentic expression of emotions.

In social media, people try to be pretentious by being someone who they are actually not. The abbreviations and emoticons for laughter are replacing the real-life lively laughter of people on finding something genuinely funny. Sometimes, people show concern when they are absolutely not bothered at all, just to keep up with the trend. These are eventually resulting in apathy, heartlessness, and indifference attitude to the sufferings of others.

Influences of social media are far-reaching and inescapable. Social media can both make and break your life and career and it is both your foe and friend. If it’s used strategically and properly one can achieve many goals in his/her life but if it is misused it can lead to serious destruction as well.

So, make sure you use it as your friend before it turns you into its foe.